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Kitchen Work Area - Remodeling/Redecorating Plan

A work area in the kitchen provides a place for work and entertainment, with a fully-equipped computer desk and flat-screen monitor/TV. Before remodeling, the work area was at a desk in the master bedroom as shown in these pictures taken before remodeling. See the plan for the East Wall work area in the kitchen.

The kitchen work area will include

  • The latest Acer PC
  • 20" flat-screen display/TV
  • Cable modem for high-speed Internet access
  • Color printer/scanner with connections for all types of digital camera memory cards
  • Keyboard tray and task chair
  • Desk accessories and supplies including scissors, printer paper, stapler, paper clips, and more.

The monitor doubles as a flat-screen HDTV set. You can watch cable TV or DVDs.

If you bring a notebook PC, there's room for it on the desk.

We provide both wired and wireless connections to connect your PC to our cable modem. The private wireless network lets you use your PCs anywhere in the condo.

In addition, the entire Pointe Santo complex is a wireless "hot spot".

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Revised 7/13/2008