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Our Broadband Condo

Those who have arrived at this page from our BroadbandHomeCentral website on residential broadband will probably have read about how we planned and equipped our penthouse condo D-47 for today's and tomorrow's broadband services.

Broadband may not be the first thing that comes to mind in thinking about this vacation island paradise off the Gulf Coast of Florida. But we do sometimes have to work when we are away. When we're not working, we find it impossible to live without our email and the resources we look to every day on the Web.

Digital media—much of it delivered over broadband to and in the home—is clearly the wave of the future. Increasingly people turn to iTunes for music, to YouTube for video clips, to for current news, and to to watch episodes they've issed.

We've used and written about networked digital audio and video for years. We started testing digital telephone services in our New Jersey home five years ago. Now lots of people have subscribed to Vonage, Skype and other digital phone services; digital telephones and video telephony are available now. Television is in the final stages of the transition to digital high-definition. PCs are playing an increasing role in receiving, processing and storing media of all kinds.

Condo D-47

After we bought condo D-47 in April 2005, we wanted to install appropriate digital media now and be well prepared for what will come in the future.

We rent our condo to guests whenever we're not using it ourselves, and wanted to equip it to be most useful and attractive to our guests. But from our experience at home, we know that many emerging products and services are confusing (to say the least). We don't want our guests calling for help every time they try to use the PC, TV, sound system and telephones. So we have the added challenge of making anything we install in our condo suitable for the guests who rent it much of the time.

We know things will sometimes go wrong. When anything broadband-related isnít working, we wanted to be able to "look" into our condo network from our home, so we can diagnose and fix the problem.

Plan for the structured cabling panel in D-47We equipped condo D-47 in two phases. In the first phase, we made good progress with the PC and Internet access issues. In the second phase, we installed structured cabling throughout the condo to prepare it for networked media and communications. As digital media become ever more central, the infrastructure is already in place to support the new applications.

Please visit the Our Broadband Condo section of our BroadbandHomeCentral website for more details on how we equipped D-47.

Condo E-2

Within a week after closing on condo E-2 in late 2007, we set up the same PC and Internet access infrastructure we installed first in D-47. Later in 2008, we plan to upgrade the media and communications insfrastructure.

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Revised 2/20/2008