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Delivering on the Promise"

Broadband Home Fall 2001 brought together a broad cross-section of the community committed to speeding the reality of the broadband home. Held October 1-3, 2001 in San Jose, California, the conference included people from 12 countries, representing 80 companies spanning all sectors of the industry value chain. Click here to see the conference schedule and here to see the companies that participated as speakers and moderators.

Here's what we've heard from conference delegates, speakers, and moderators:

"I was delighted at the quality of the event and more importantly, the people who attended and delived content."
"Networking was very easy and effective."
"I liked the variety of presentations and the openness to 'conflict' on panel discussions."
"Just the right people from the right companies to present!"
"Networking was very easy and effective."
"We've made significant contacts and starts here."
"BBH conferences are the best!"

The conference was focused on "Fulfilling the Promise" of the broadband home. The major themes were:

  • While there's lots of doom and gloom, the smart players realize that broadband is a growth business.
  • Broadband provides the foundation for new products and services.
  • While PCs and Web browsing are important, it's much more than that.
  • There's a huge growth opportunity for home networking, gateways, new client devices, and all the content and applications that run on them.
  • To fulfill the growth opportunity, public policy should focus on encouraging the quality, availability and affordability of broadband.

The conference included fifteen "industry perspectives" by industry thought leaders. The balance of the program was devoted to panel sessions.

The Industry Perspective speakers included

  • William Glasgow, President and CEO, @Security Broadband Corporation
  • Bernd Lutz, Director, CableHome, CableLabs
  • Ron Willis, Vice President of Marketing, Commercial and Consumer Lines of Business,Cisco Systems
  • Deepak Srinivasan, CEO, enScaler
  • Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures
  • Gary Lauder, Managing Partner, Lauder Partners, LLC
  • Janie Tsao, Vice President of Business Development, Linksys
  • Mike Toutonghi, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft eHome Division
  • Radu Craioveanu, Director of Software Architecture, Narad Networks
  • Chris Sanborn, VP Marketing, Pacific Bell/Nevada Bell
  • David Rivas, Office of Architecture and Standards, Sun Microsystems
  • Sandy Teger and David Waks, Co-Founders, System Dynamics Inc.
  • Donald Fowler, Jr., VP and General Counsel, TechNet
  • Joe Crupi, Vice President, Broadband Communications Group, Texas Instruments

The conference included two general sessions and 24 breakout sessions arranged into four "tracks". The overview track was intended for newcomers to the industry, and for those familiar with some industry sectors and interested in understanding the key issues in the other sectors. The family applications track covered applications and techologies targeted for family use. The technology track covered new developments in broadband access, content delivery, home gateways and home networking. Finally, the business perspectives track covered business development and financial issues. Click here for more information on breakout session tracks and topics.

Previous Broadband Home conferences have drawn delegates and speakers from more than twenty-five countries. They are especially popular with those in senior management, business development, technology, marketing and strategy. For more information about earlier Broadband Home conferences, please visit The Broadband Home conferences are produced by

Last update: December 16, 2001


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