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In association with, System Dynamics organized five Broadband Home Conferences. They drew more than 600 attendees from more than 25 countries around the world, spanning all sectors of the industry ecosystem.

Click on the name of a conference to view the conference schedule, featured speakers, and the companies participating as speakers and moderators at each event:

  • Broadband Home Fall 2001, October 1-3, San Jose, California
  • Broadband Home Europe Summit 2001, May 14-15, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Broadband Home Spring 2001, February 26-28, Miami, Florida
  • Broadband Home Fall 2000, October 3-5 near San Francisco, California
  • Broadband Home Summit 2000, June 6-7, San Jose, California

Also see the full list of participating organizations from around the world and representing the entire industry ecosystem.

Typical titles of conference participants were CEO, President, CTO, VP, Director, Manager. Functional areas are most often Business Development, Technology, Strategy, or Marketing.

The events were covered by both US and international press. For example, the Fall 2000 conference was featured on the first page of the Business section of the San Jose Mercury News.

Although System Dynamics is no longer associated with and the organization of their conferences, we continue to provide consulting services and this website as a service for the Broadband Home community.

Background on The Broadband Home

Sandy Teger and Dave Waks are the principals of System Dynamics Inc. We have spent our careers helping companies turn new technologies into mass market products and services. Much of Dave's background as one of the founders of Prodigy Services and Sandy's as a strategic planner and marketer at AT&T focused on how broadband would bring new communications, information, entertainment and shopping services to consumers. In our subsequent broadband-related consulting engagements -- with cable operators, telephone companies, technology, application and content providers -- we observed opportunities for partnering and speeding the reality of the consumer broadband market.

We founded the "Broadband Home" initiative on the premise that rapid and competitive deployment of broadband to and within the home will enable the creation of new products, services, content and applications. The content, the "fat pipes" and the home infrastructure must all work together seamlessly to create compelling value for consumers.

In March 2000, we joined with to create The Broadband Home Conferences, Report and Web Site. They sought to provide "broadband glue", enabling better communications across the entire ecosystem involved in creating end-to-end broadband consumer solutions. The major purpose of our efforts has been to speed the reality of "The Broadband Home." Although our relationship with ended in October 2001, we continue to foster those goals through our consulting services, this web site and the publication of Sandy and Dave's Report on the Broadband Home, sponsored by System Dynamics Inc.

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