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Updated 11/25/2009

Topical Index: Broadband Access to the Home: Fiber

This page provides a topical index to material on this website covering

  • what's happening with fiber broadband access - especially fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the premises (FTTP)
  • new technologies affecting telephone companies and other fiber access providers
  • new applications for fiber access, such as IPTV
  • related business issues and strategies

Articles are listed ordered by date of the newsletter they appeared in—newest to oldest.

IPTV Update -- IPTV World Forum North America, and More (BBHR 9/30/2008)

  • IPTV is maturing. Worldwide subscribers have more than doubled year-on-year. New tools are being used to measure quality and help isolate problems. Interoperable standards backed by many of the leading telcos and vendors will be published this year, with interoperability testing coming next.
  • During the IPTV World Forum North America show, we taped video interviews with four companies we found particularly interesting -- see Video Interviews at IPTV World Forum North America 2008.

Video Interviews at IPTV World Forum North America 2008

  • IPTV World Forum North America was held on July 22-23, 2008 at the McCormick Place Convention Centre, Chicago, IL. During the show, we taped video interviews with four companies we found particularly interesting. We will include more about these companies in our upcoming report on the show.

TelcoTV 2007: Approaching The Tipping Point (BBHR 12/17/2007)

  • US Telco TV offerings are finally on the move. After years of trailing countries like France, Italy and Hong Kong, the telcos move into video services is reaching the tipping point. The signposts we saw at this year's TelcoTV Show are clear. The talk is turning from technology to applications, its availability is growing, and consumers are buying it.

Focus on Fiber: The 2007 Fiber to the Home Conference (BBHR 10/19/2007)

  • At the recent Fiber-to-the-Home Conference, we heard about the coming "exaflood" which will put pressure on all broadband access providers. We toured the exhibits, and presented our views on the role of home networking.

TelcoTV 2006: Start of the Second Wave (BBHR 12/13/2006)

  • Over the past year, IPTV deployments have moved from pioneering telcos and vendors to mainstream players using more sophisticated components and offering services like HD. This year's TelcoTV Show included issues coming out of real deployments, maturing technologies, AT&T's U-verse deployment and new packaged solutions for smaller telcos. Although much capital and attention are being provided to TV services over managed networks, online video over the unmanaged Internet is beginning to play a complementary role.

Switching Channels at TelcoTV (BBHR 12/15/2005)

  • We came away from TelcoTV 2005 feeling that IPTV is at the tipping point. The biggest telcos are all either committed to moving forward at scale, or are close to a commitment. Their traditional vendors are playing a major role. Microsoft also aspires to play a key role, but was all but invisible at the show.

Wireless Video Networking - Ruckus, Metalink and EWC (BBHR 10/17/2005)

  • To provide IP-based television services, companies need a way to move video streams from the home gateway to the TV set. That's where the next generation of "whole-home wireless" technologies and products are important. Recent announcements from Ruckus Wireless, Metalink, and a big one from EWC are all pieces in the puzzle of how quickly 802.11n standards will be adopted and products get to the market.

The Open Systems Dilemma: An Interview with Minerva's Mauro Bonomi (BBHR 9/13/2005)

  • What's the future for a small company in IPTV, when Microsoft has decided to win the market? We interviewed Mauro Bonomi, CEO of IPTV vendor Minerva Networks, to understand how one experienced company is approaching that issue. While Mauro believes Minerva's open systems approach is best for customers, he understands the risks a big telco might see in choosing "not-Microsoft". Bonomi shared his thoughts on how the dynamics of this game might be changed.

Fiber Update: "Controlling Your Broadband Destiny" (BBHR 4/3/2005)

  • There is typically a long lag time between conceptualizing how new technologies could be used and their widespread adoption. Fiber to the home has been trumpeted as "the future of broadband access" since the mid-1980s. Current trends in customer applications, fiber system costs and competitive dynamics are finally making the decision of going to fiber a logical one, even for incumbents like Verizon.

CES 2005--SBC Goes Big for Video (BBHR 1/25/2005)

  • For the first time SBC had a major presence at CES. The occasion was promotion of their two-pronged thrust in providing video services and the introduction of their new U-verse branding for its suite of IP-based products and services set to launch in 2005. Although lots of snazzy things were demonstrated, the crowd seemed most appreciative of a simple one--instantaneous channel changing.

IPTV at FastWeb: Marketing Lessons from Europe (BBHR 12/20/2004)

  • BitBand and FastWeb have many years experience with VOD over FTTH and ADSL. BitBand's CEO shared their thoughts from a session at the recent TelcoTV conference.

Putting Jackson, Tennessee on the Fiber Map (BBHR 5/31/2004)

  • Jackson, Tennessee is known to some as the home of railroading's "Casey" Jones, but Jackson Energy Authority is making "fiber to the home" its new emblem. We visited in person to find out why this municipally-centered public utility decided on fiber, to see how the rollout is proceeding and take the pulse of how its residents are reacting to the new services. We especially wanted to learn "why fiber?" in a community that already has incumbents providing high speed data, voice and video services.

Connected by Design -- Our Broadband Odyssey (BBHR 1/22/2004)

  • When we agreed to act as broadband architects for the Home by Design showhouse, our goal was to demonstrate the ideas we write about and get more hands-on experience in the realities of implementing broadband infrastructure, home networking and a wide variety of interesting and useful applications on a host of products that can be bought today. We packed lots of experience into a short time and share some of what we did and learned from it in this abbreviated version of "our broadband odyssey".

Fiber To Every Home In Reykjavik: A Guest Article by Hjalmar Gislason (BBHR 12/14/2003)

  • Reykjavik Energy has ambitious plans: to connect every home in its area with a fiber connection. The results of their initial trial in 100 homes were shared last month at the Digital Reykjavik conference. In this guest article, a conference organizer says that if the rollout goes forward, Iceland will be "a living laboratory for broadband" delivered to a whole society.

Fiber to the Premises - Gaining Momentum (BBHR 10/20/2003)

  • Although we didn't make it to the FTTH Conference held earlier this month, we heard about the growing enthusiasm for fiber to the premises coming out of the conference. Telephone companies all over the world are starting to deploy deep fiber, and three of the four US RBOCs are collaborating on FTTP specifications and product evaluation. To gain a better understanding of these issues, we interviewed the leading fiber provider, an FTTP system provider, and a municipal utility committed to rolling out FTTH.

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo: Two Tidbits (BBHR 6/17/2003)

  • At SCTE's Cable-Tec Expo, meetings with Wave7Optics and Toshiba introduced us to some technologies that deserve a closer look.

Fastweb's Success: Innovation Plus Results (BBHR 3/17/2003)

  • We visited FastWeb in Milan two years ago and concluded they were leading the way into the future of converged services. We followed up to understand their new offerings and the impact on results. FastWeb has exceeded its financial and market targets while continuing to introduce innovative services including VOD, video communications and networked PVR.

Where Does Fiber Fit? - FTTH and Alternatives (BBHR 9/26/2001)

Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber to the Home - Dinner with World Wide Packets (BBHR 9/6/2001)

Milan's The Place For True Broadband! - FastWeb Rolls Out (BBHR 6/18/2001)

  • We went to Milan to meet with the global leaders in FTTH: FastWeb and e.Biscom

"Bredband" in Sweden (BBHR 6/27/2000)

  • Scandinavia is pioneering FTTH. We visited Stockholm to meet with Bredbandsbolaget (B2), Telia, and Telenordia Broadband

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