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Updated 8/9/2007

Topical Index: Telephony over Broadband: Voice over IP (VoIP)

This page provides a topical index to material on this website covering

  • telephony applications - voice and video over IP (VoIP)
  • VoIP telephones
  • video telephony and videoconferencing
  • videoconferencing devices and applications

Articles are listed ordered by date of the newsletter they appeared in—newest to oldest.

Diagnosing Broadband Problems--How Do Consumers Cope? (BBHR 4/8/2008)

  • During the past three months, Dave has spent a lot of time coping with one broadband problem after another, including local networking and broadband access issues. Now that he has finally resolved most of them, we've been thinking about how consumers can possibly cope as they run into similar issues.

Sandy Cuts Loose: Digital Media and Skype (BBHR 2/25/2007)

  • This year was different. Every year we come back from CES and people ask what exciting new toys we got to play with. This time, instead of just talking about new chips and technologies, Sandy cut short the chip interviews to play with new portable media and IP voice toys. It was fun, but expensive.

The Year of VoIP -- Now! (BBHR 8/15/2004)

  • This "Briefs" piece covers a few of the indicators in the US that VoIP has really arrived big time; places around the world in front of the US; disrupters.

The 2004 National Show -- Opportunities Galore (BBHR 5/31/2004)

  • The 2004 NCTA Show demonstrated cable operators' interesting problem. Their rebuilt plants are capable of providing a multiplicity of services and the technologies that have been "coming soon" are finally ready for prime time. Now the big question is what share of resources should go to each of these opportunities? We highlight a few of the newer opportunities, including consumer videotelephony.

"Changing the World" -- Spring VON 2004 (BBHR 4/26/2004)

  • In less than a decade, voice over IP has gone from a hobbyist toy to a threat to the future existence of incumbent telephone companies. In that light, it was fitting for Jeff Pulver to open this year's VON conference by talking about our ability to change the world. We take a look back at the signs that pointed the way to this VoIP future and examine a few of the companies that are trying to make their mark on the next stage.

ENUM: A Building Block for "End-to-end IP" Telephony (BBHR 4/26/2004)

  • The future of VoIP depends on support for both new "SIP addresses" and traditional telephone numbers. While SIP addresses work well on PCs, it's much easier to remember phone numbers and enter them on phone keyboards. ENUM bridges the gap by translating any phone number to a SIP address.

Consumer Video Telephony--Has Its Time Really Come? (BBHR 2/17/2004)

  • Has the world come far enough in the last 40 years to overcome the obstacles that have prevented the success of consumer videotelephony? Sandy looks back at the lessons she learned at AT&T and muses on whether we’ve addressed the hardest issues: people’s behavior and expectations.

IP Telephony -- Coming of Age in the US (BBHR 12/14/2003)

  • In the US this month, there suddenly seemed to be that confluence of events that marks the tipping point for a technology. Local exchange carriers, interexchange carriers and cable companies all announced new VoIP services.

Broadband World Forum 2003: Voice over DSL (BBHR 9/23/2003)

  • Our article includes a description of a session in which three competitive providers discussed deploying voice in an unbundled local loop.

Your Voice -- Readers' Comments (BBHR 9/23/2003)

  • A reader filled us in on how new VoIP offers in France may change the way voice is sold there.

Celeria: Wireless Access To Cable Networks: A Guest Article by Inés Vidal Castiñeira (BBHR 8/21/2003)

  • During our recent visit to Spain, we heard about Euskaltel’s Celeria Project. We invited Inés Vidal Castiñeira to share with you the Technology Department’s approach to providing triple-play services to low population density areas. Although Euskaltel already had a fiber ring infrastructure from which they reached end users with HFC and twisted pair, this approach was not cost effective for serving small municipalities. Instead, they developed a wireless approach to deliver digital video, cable modem and voice services to these customers.

Voice is "Free" (BBHR 8/21/2003)

  • Free Telecom, the largest French ISP after France Telecom, has announced free VoIP service for its DSL customers through the end of 2003, and very low rates thereafter. It's the latest example of "disruptive technology in action".

VoIP Coming of Age -- Thoughts on the VON Conference (BBHR 4/16/2003)

  • We attended our first Voice on the Net (VON) conference almost six years ago. Our recent visit gave us an opportunity to see how VoIP has moved from the hobbyist market to the mainstream, with low-cost IP phones on the horizon.

Broadband Home Labs - More on IP Telephony (BBHR 3/17/2003)

  • We report on our continuing tests of SIP-based IP telephony using VoIP phones from snom and Windows Messenger. We invite our readers to participate in our tests.

Vonage DigitalVoice Broadband VoIP Service (BBHR 2/23/2003)

  • We report on our experience using DigitalVoice, a low-cost IP telephony service from Vonage, for most of our phone calls during the past few months. It's the first of several reports on SIP telephony for the home.

Cable Telephony -- A Snapshot (BBHR 12/17/2002)

  • We take a high-level look at the status of North American cable telephony. Lots has happened since AT&T purchased TCI and laid out their cable telephony plans. US cable has over 2 million local voice customers. PacketCable is finally getting ready for field deployment. But Comcast makes clear we shouldn't look for large volume rollouts in 2003. And what about SIP telephony and its impact?

Video Telephony and Videoconferencing (BBHR 12/17/2002)

  • While cable operators were focused on the "nuts and bolts" of rolling out VoIP, some vendors went against the tide to show video telephony and videoconferencing.

Voice Over Broadband: Where the Action Is (BBHR 6/18/2001)

Residential Broadband Telephony: How and When VON Asia 2000, November 13-15, Hong Kong, China PowerPoint presentation

  • Our talk described the present state of broadband access systems and various approaches to telephony over broadband, with particular attention to cable and DSL access.

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