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Updated 1/22/2008

Presentations and Publications by Sandy and Dave—2002 and Earlier

We have written many invited articles and given many conference presentations on residential broadband and its applications. This page contains links so you can download and view them.

Presentation and articles from 2003 and later are on the main Presentations page.

2005 Issues

All-Digital Networks: Friend or Foe?

BroadbandPlus — The New Western Show
Anaheim, CA, USA, December 3-6, 2002

In a session titled "They're Just Over the Horizon: Emerging Technologies, Friend or Foe?" we delivered an invited speech (PowerPoint, 200 KB) on the emergence of all-digital networks: networks in which all services are delivered in digital format.

The key points in our talk were:

  • All-digital converged networks will become the norm as analog delivery goes away
  • FTTH-based all digital networks are being deployed in many places - we highlighted FastWeb in Italy
  • "Community networks" based on FTTH are being deployed in the US, mostly in unserved rural areas
  • Planning is under way to build community networks in communities that feel "underserved" by existing broadband services
  • The time is coming when MSOs should consider what an all-digital network should be; whether and how existing HFC networks can be converted to all-digital; and whether many of the standard features of today's networks -- 6 MHz channelization, asymmetric low-split configurations, MPEG-2 transport - should be reevaluated.

Home Technology: Media Moms and Digital Dads

Online WebEx Interview with Phil Leigh, VP of Technology Research, Raymond James & Associates, on “Inside Digital Media”
October 18, 2002

In this interactive session, we discussed the dramatic growth of digital media use in the US home and its relationship to the increasing penetration of broadband connections and home networking. You can

Tomorrow’s Home Technology -- Separating Fact from Fantasy

Builder Technology Conference
Washington DC, June 11-12, 2002

We delivered an invited speech (PowerPoint, 10 Mb) on how new technologies will impact what builders install in homes and the services they might deliver to them. Our presentation included a 'home movie' showing how we use broadband, networking and digital consumer electronics technologies in our own home.

In our speech, we discussed the "top trends" to watch:

  • Broadband access is the foundation for much of what’s changing in home technologies
  • Everything is going digital
  • The consumer electronics industry has a huge investment in driving sales of networked appliances
  • The worlds of the PC, home entertainment and telephones are starting to overlap and merge
  • People are spending their time and money on buying and using “this stuff”
  • Broadband to and within the home are increasingly important to your buyers

Our 8-minute "home movie" is available in two formats:

It covers our use of:

  • Multiple PCs
  • Broadband connection
  • Home networking - wired and wireless
  • Digital camera and camcorder
  • Digital music
  • Digital telephone

End-User Perspectives on Home Networking

IEEE Communications Magazine
April, 2002

We were invited to submit an article for an section devoted to "Home Networking". Our article discusses "the evolving situation in the home, user needs for networking, and the growing set of problems faced by users. The article describes major home networking approaches and raises some of the questions to be considered in designing home networks for the future."

Click here to view or download the Adobe Acrobat article.

Setting a Context for Networked Appliances

IWNA4 - 4th IEEE International Workshop On Networked Appliances
January 15-16, 2002, NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

In an invited speech at this conference, we observed that broadband networked PCs are establishing a context for networked appliances, and we suggested that designers of such appliances leverage the evolving broadband home ecosystem.

Click here to view or download the PowerPoint presentation (.7Mb).

2005 Issues

Fulfilling the Promise

Broadband Home Fall 2001
October 1-3, San Jose, California

We organized this conference and gave the opening "Industry Perspective" talk establishing its main themes:

  • Residential broadband is inevitable
  • Broadband access provides the foundation for a wide variety of new products and services
  • This is about much more than PCs and the Internet
  • Although money is tight now, the economic impact will be HUGE

Click here to view or download the PowerPoint presentation (.3M).

The Broadband Rorschach Test

Broadband Home Europe Summit 2001
May 14-15, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We organized this conference and gave the opening "Industry Perspective" talk establishing its main themes:

  • Just as psychologists interpret Rorshach ink blots to project a person's personality, this talk examines what different countries mean by "broadband" to set the context for differing points of view to be explored in the Summit.
  • In the US, "broadband" is likely to conjure up images of surfing the Web with a PC through a high-speed DSL or cable connection. In the UK, what comes to mind is a TV set with new information and services. In Finland, think 3G wireless, a cell phone which has sprouted a bigger screen, a keyboard and more.
  • Although the U.S. has been a leader in residential broadband growth and penetration, the demise of many DSL competitors and the current laissez faire attitude toward telecommunications policy may change that picture. It's worth watching the competitive and government influences rapidly pushing up broadband penetration in Korea and Sweden.

Click here to view or download the PowerPoint presentation (.5M).

Broadband Home Spring 2001

February 26-28, Miami, Florida

We organized this conference and gave the opening "Industry Perspective" talk establishing its main themes:

  • The Broadband Home is global
  • It has three main elements: Content, Access, and the Home
  • Access is the key - all other elements depend on the provision of ubiquitous broadband access
  • Fulfilling the promise of broadband requires all players to work together
  • Improving the quality of the total customer experience should be a high priority

Click here to view or download the PowerPoint presentation (.5M).

2005 Issues

Residential Broadband Telephony: How and When
Enabling The Broadband Home

VON Asia 2000
November 13-15, Hong Kong, China

We gave two talks at the first Voice on the Net (VON) Asia conference.

Our first talk described the present state of broadband access systems and various approaches to telephony over broadband, with particular attention to cable and DSL access.

Our second talk presented an overview of home networking and home gateways. We used pictures of the wiring in our home to illustrate the complexities which need to be overcome by the industry to make the broadband home a reality for the mass market. Although the pictures are the same as those in the talk below, the slides include more detail on the current state of home networking and home gateways.

Broadband Home Fall 2000

October 3-5, Burlingame, California

We organized this conference and gave the opening "Industry Perspective" talk. Using our own home to illustrate the current state of the broadband home and the challenges facing the broadband home industry, our speech established the four themes of the conference:

  • The Broadband Home is "The Next Big Thing"
  • Technology is sexy only for techies
  • Minimize customer hassle
  • We’ll grow the pie faster by working together

Our opening speech is available for download in two parts: the text slides (.5M), and the slides showing Sandy and Dave's 'quasi-broadband' home (3.3MB).

User Needs and Product Solutions in The Home Gateway

VON Fall 2000
September 12-14, Atlanta, Georgia

Our presentation introduced a session on home gateways with a description of the user needs and various solutions venders were planning to include in gateway products.

Preparing Cable for Telephone Reliability

VON Spring 2000
September 28-30, San Jose, California

Our presentation described the varying approaches taken by cable operators to achieve the reliability required for primary telephony.

Waiting for IP

VON Fall '99
September 28-30, Atlanta, Georgia

Our presentation discussed the criteria that large cable operators already committed to primary telephony over cable would apply in evaluating the transition to IP telephony.

IP Telephony Meets Cable TV

VON Fall '97
September 23-25, Boston, Massachusetts

Our presentation highlighted the opportunity for cable operators deploying cable modems to address IP telephony, using the corporate work-at-home segment as an example.

High Potential Data Services

High-Speed Data Delivery Strategies for the Cable Industry
Institute for International Research
April 25, 1996, Universal City, California

Our presentation discussed the coming opportunity for cable operators to offer data services. We said that Internet access would be the first opportunity, but there would be many others including communications. We cautioned against using a flat-rate pricing model since "run-away" applications would force change.

Presentation and articles from 2003 and later are on the main Presentations page.