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Revised 6/16/2010

Sandy and Dave's Report on the Broadband Home examines the services and technologies for Enabling the Broadband Lifestyle (tm), as seen through the eyes of analysts Sandy Teger and Dave Waks. It is sent each month to readers in more than 100 countries and is written from a global perspective. Subscription is complimentary to qualified subscribers. Our readers include thought leaders and top management of key industry organizations and companies.

We research and write the entire contents of each report. Our editorial voice expresses our independent viewpoint, based on an unbiased examination of the facts and our long experience in the industry.

The table of contents for the current issue is below. All back issues are available on the Web. Our next report will be issued on or about July 15, 2010.

Our Audience

Our audience is professionals in residential broadband, working in many different segments of this industry. This unique group is at the forefront in:

  • various forms of residential broadband access: cable, DSL, fiber, wireless, and more;
  • various forms of residential broadband networking and appliances - for data, voice, video and audio;
  • broadband applications and content in the home and on the Net; and
  • the enabling hardware and software technologies to glue it together.

Report Formats

Our report is issued about the middle of each month in both Web and email formats.

The full report posted on our website includes pictures, graphics, an integrated glossary, and the ability to print the entire report or individual articles and forward them to friends.

Our email report, distributed when the full report is posted, is available in three formats:

  • The HTML summary format (click to see the current report in this format) is best for those who usually read the report online. It provides a brief summary of each article and links directly to the full report on our website.
  • The plain-text summary format (click to see the current report in this format) is similar to the HTML summary, but is in plain-text.
  • The full plain-text format (click to see the current report in this format) is best for those who usually read the report offline. It contains the full report in plain text, but is missing the pictures, graphics and glossary features in the web version accessed through the summary formats.

Your Subscription

To join readers all over the world in keeping updated on residential broadband, fill out the subscription form. You'll immediately receive the current issue, and each new issue will be sent to you as soon as it is published.

If you already receive our report, and would like to change your email address, preferred report format, or other information related to your subscription, please go to the Change/Unsubscribe page.

Guest Articles

We occasionally include "guest articles" by key people in the residential broadband industry. If you are interested in proposing a guest article, see our editorial guidelines.

Current Issue

Table of Contents from the June 17, 2010 Issue:
  • Heard on the Net
      People and Companies in the BBH industry
  • Briefly Noted
      Updates, Observations and Trends
  • 2011: A Critical Year for Wired Networking
  • Ford SYNC--"A Simpler Way to Connect"
  • The Evolution of TV--Now It's 3D
  • The US National Broadband Plan
  • Upcoming Conferences