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Three Wireless Cities: Comparison

Note: This page is part of the Portable Broadband: A Tale of Three Cities article in the December 20, 2004 issue of our report.


Our goal was to examine the three systems from a qualitative and user perspective. Here's a summary that captures some of the key similarities and differences:

Service providerNextel BroadbandClearwireCity of St. Cloud
Technology supplierFlarionNextNet WirelessTropos Networks
Top speed available1.5 down/375 up1.5 down/256 up1.5 down/300
Lowest priced service$35$25Free
Level of mobilityFully mobilePortable, some mobilityPortable
CPE descriptionPC card or desktop modemDesktop modemWi-Fi card or built into PC
Use out of home areaTriangle onlyDiscrete cities, expandingAnywhere with Wi-Fi access
Standards complianceNoIndicates future is WiMAXYes - 802.11b