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The December 19, 2001 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Some Changes : Why The New Name?

We started writing our report about the Broadband Home in April 2000, under the sponsorship of We also created and organized a series of Broadband Home conferences for, through which we had the pleasure of meeting many of you.

System Dynamics is no longer associated with and the organization of their conferences. However, we remain enthusiastic and supportive of the potential of this market. Many things we wrote about early on have moved from hypothetical to real. And it's just beginning!

The report has a new name, and we have a new Web site - come visit us at ( ) or more simply ( ). The new report is sponsored by System Dynamics Inc. which provides consulting services and writes this report as a service for the Broadband Home community.

In response to many requests from readers, we'll soon begin issuing the newsletter as an HTML summary with links to the full report on the Web. This will also enable us to include pictures and make the report richer in content. However, you'll also have the option to receive a text-only version, if you prefer. If you have suggestions you'd like us to consider, don't be shy. Please drop us a note at with your ideas.

We'd like to pause for a moment and thank our readers for sharing our enthusiasm about the potential of the broadband home market. This has been a difficult year for many people, companies and countries. We expect that with the new year will come renewed vigor and growth, both for individuals and companies as we address things that matter.

We wish you all health, happiness, peace and prosperity in 2002.