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February 25, 2002 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Conference and Report Tidbits

PLC for Broadband Access?

The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) ran a seminar on Power Line Communications (PLC) on February 7th, while we were at the builder's show. Called "Power Line Communications: More Than a Scientific Curiosity, But Is It (Finally) the Long-Awaited "Third Wire" to Every Home?", many of the presentations from the conference are posted on their site. ( ).

Broadband in Europe

The Mckinsey Quarterly published an article indicating that Broadband Internet access is growing more slowly than hoped in Europe. They assert that part of the problem is from flawed business models, but some of the onus rests on the shoulders of policy makers and regulators, as a result of regulations that have dampened competition and kept prices unrealistically low. See "A Regulatory Remedy for European Broadband" in their February issue at ( )

GartnerG2 recently released a study "Broadband: The Revolution is on Hold In Europe Just Now," analyzes the development of broadband across Europe. It seems to reach different conclusions than above, at least in their press release which suggests that providers must reduce prices to less than 30 Euros per month. See their year-end 2001 penetration estimates for France, Germany, the UK and US at ( )

For additional information also see the DSL Analysis pages of the Point Topic website at ( )

We'd love to hear what our European readers think.