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The February 25, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Pictures from the 2002 International Builders' Show - Atlanta, Georgia, February 8-11, 2002
Bobby Riesdorph in Leviton booth Bobby Riesdorph from Leviton's Integrated Networks Group
Doug Fikse of OnQ Doug Fikse, President of OnQ Technologies, demonstrating a home wiring package
Mark Schmidt of Home Director Home Director's new audio module is shown by Mark Schmidt
Todd Sames of Premise Systems Todd Sames demonstrated Premise Systems software with Home Director interface
Bill Thompson of Ustec Bill Thompson, whose vision established UStec and its systems
LG Refrigerator LG's Digital Internet Refrigerator is the Rolls-Royce of refrigerators
Randy Voss with Whirlpool's Tablet Randy Voss demonstrates Whirlpool's Web Tablet
All photos ©2002 System Dynamics Inc. except LG refrigerator.

Pictures from our visit to the Residential Laboratory at Georgia Tech's Broadband Institute - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
GCATT Aware Home Broadband Institute's Experimental Program for Determining Location in the Aware Home
Helping Seniors Using the Context Aware Home to Help Seniors Age in Place
All photos ©2002 System Dynamics Inc.