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April 2, 2002 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Website Changes

We've made some changes to our website in the past few months. If you haven't visited the site recently, click on to see what's new!

  • We added a "Press Room" page with links to our press releases and to articles quoting us.
  • Many readers have requested a "printer-friendly" version of our monthly report and we just added one. You can reach it by clicking on the "Printer-friendly version" icon just under the heading of the report. We're adding this to all the issues of our report, online at .
  • We recently added an HTML version of our report, and we now post it to our website at the same time we send the report out to our subscribers.
  • We also added a "pictures" page accompanying each HTML issue. It has larger versions of the pictures in the report and additional text describing each picture. You can reach this page by clicking on any picture in the HTML report.
  • We now offer an emailed HTML summary as an alternative to the "plain-text" version of the report. If you would rather read the HTML version - or print the "printer-friendly" version from the Web - please visit the Change/Unsubscribe page at Enter your email address, check "Change my preferred report format" and select "I prefer an HTML summary".