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The April 2, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Pictures from Electronic House Expo - Orlando, Florida, March 6-9, 2002
Central Vacuum system Central Vacuum system - "Silent Master" booth
Solar Shading Systems booth Solar Shading Systems booth showing control box (RS-232 interface)
(l to r) Sammy Saloum, Avi Rosenthal, Gordon Van Zuiden, Julie Jacobson Panel session (L to R) Sammy Saloum (CompUSA), Avi Rosenthal (HWA), Gordon Van Zuiden (cyberManor), Julie Jacobson
CorAccess Companion 6 Sandy with CorAccess Companion 6 TouchPoint
GreyFox "can" with telephone, data and video modules This Grayfox D series enclosure has video, data and telephone modules.
Closeup of GreyFox module Kevin Santelli showed us a Grayfox video module compatible with other vendors' enclosures
Jay McLellan with OmniPro II home controller HAI OmniPro II home controller with Jay McLellan, President
Gary Allen with Digital Closet enclosure Digital Closet specialized in whole-home surge protection. Gary Allen VP Sales points to the surge suppressor module in the enclosure.
Alejandra Rutledge showing Compaq iPAQ home networking products Alejandra Rutledge, Product Marketing Manager, Interconnected Products showed us Compaq'a line of iPAQ-branded home networking products
Seth Dotterer with AudioTron Seth Dotterer, Director of Marketing with Turtle Beach AudioTron
Mike Braithwaite showing GE SMART's networked loudspeakers Mike Braithwaite, Managing Director of Audio Video Product Group, showing us GE SMART's UPnP-equipped networked loudspeakers.
Mitsubishi D-VHS HDTV VCR and CAT5 cable with IEEE 1394b Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U D-VHS High-Definition TV VCR and a CAT5 cable with IEEE 1394b - next picture shows the other end of the cable connected to a TV set.
Lee Ratliff of TI pointing to 1394 cable The other end of the CAT5 cable connects to a high-definition TV through a prototype TI box which interfaces between 1394b and 1394. Lee Ratliff of TI points to the 1394 cable connecting to the TV set
All photos ©2002 System Dynamics Inc.

Pictures from visit with e house - Lake Mary, Florida
e house Orlando Entrace to e house Orlando (Lake Mary, FL)
DJ and Total Connectivity poster David "DJ" Jones showing us "Total Connectivity" poster at e house Orlando
An 'e-ready' house This wall display of an "e-ready" house shows how all the elemnts fit together.
All photos ©2002 System Dynamics Inc.

Pictures from the Sarasota Keys (Southwest Florida Gulf Coast)
Dave relaxing with tall drink We got away from broadband on the beach in Sarasota!
Sunset off Lido Key near Sarasota The west coast of Florida has great sunsets looking out across the Gulf of Mexico
All photos ©2002 System Dynamics Inc.