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The April 23, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Miscellany: What kids want and "Bandwidth Moms"

...from the "If you could choose only one" department comes this research finding: If children could only have one medium or media technology, more would choose the Internet (28%), with TV second (26%) and the telephone third (21%). The results come from Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research (KN/SRI) recent study "How Children Use™ Media Technology", which looked at American children in the 8-17 age group. There were significant differences in results for boys and girls. For example 38% of the boys would choose the Internet, but only 28% of girls, for whom the telephone came in first. Just as advertisers target young purchasers, broadband service providers seem to be well positioned to appeal to this group, which will be making tomorrow's purchase decisions. ( )

...meanwhile, one of the interesting places their moms (and some kids) are visiting is a site called Bandwidth Moms. It was brought to our attention by Phil Kastelic, who shared some engaging entrepreneurial ideas about where the broadband plumbing and associated services business is going. Phil's wife, Diana, is one of four moms whose Web site is "moms helping moms helping kids". It's a portal to rated educational sites, sorted by age group from "kiddie corner" thru "college central". ( )