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The May 23, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Sandy's New Car Radio
Car radio front panel and remote control Here's the front panel of my radio and the remote control. Note that "function" is top right on the front panel, but top left on the remote

Product photos courtesy of vendors
ICTV booth at NCTA show ICTV featured HeadendWare in their booth at NCTA in New Orleans

Ucentric network diagram - click here to see larger picture The Ucentric-powered set-top box acts as a central media server for multiple TVs and PCs

Bruce Sanguinetti of Bermai Bruce Sanguinetti is CEO and President of Bermai Inc.
Bermai 802.11a PC Card Reference Design Bermai's PC Card reference design needs very few components in addition to the chip