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The July 9, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

A few of YOUR thoughtful tidbits culled from this months' email.

Home Security Over Broadband

Dale Thompson wrote to ask "about where you felt home security fit in with the broadband home. You talk a lot about digital radio, VOD, VoIP, Audio, Games, Photos, control, video conference etc. but nary a word about home security. It would seem to me that this would be one of those quiet applications that while not of the Napster killer kind would drive consumers to install the broadband infrastructure."

We think home security is an important application but one that's pretty mature in and of itself.

We wrote a short piece on Home Automation Inc. in our report on EH Expo in the April 2, 2002 issue. HAI makes an integrated controller for home security and home automation; their equipment is often installed with a structured wiring package.

We've been watching Security Broadband. It was formed by cable industry players, nearly all from Prime Cable. They're rolling out services with Comcast and Cox. William Glasgow, Pres and CEO, spoke at our Fall 2001 BBH conference.

Peter Michel, the CEO of Brink's Home Security, one of the largest players in home security, spoke at our Fall 2000 conference. Shawn Lucht who heads Brink's broadband effort, also spoke in a panel discussion. They both made it clear that they were quite ambitious to participate in the broadband business.

These folks could play an important role in building the broadband infrastructure. In particular, companies like Brink's have a lot of experience in pulling wires in existing homes, and already have lots of trucks on the road and a 24x7 response center.

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