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The July 31, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Editors Note: This Too Will Pass

There has been such extensive media coverage of the telecom melt-down that we have consciously steered away from news coverage of what we presume most of our readers already know. We don't intend to stick our heads in the sand -- it's just that we're not sure what insights we can add to the extensive coverage of items like WorldCom's bankruptcy, the Rigas family of Adelphia going to jail, the ousters of Middlehoff, Messier and Pittman, or the enormous list of bankruptcies and layoffs which have permeated the sector. Like many of you involved in broadband, we've seen friends lose jobs and felt the pinch in personal ways.

Despite all that, we personally resonated with Steve Lohr's article in the July 29th New York Times, headlined "Technology Climate Is Gloomy, But Its Future Still Seems Bright". He points out that "the numbers for the technology in use worldwide -- personal computers, cellphones, handhelds, digital cameras, DVD players, MP3 music players and households online -- all continue to grow apace." That's part of what we were saying in last month's articles "Goodbye to Analog: Our Digital Destiny" and our "broadband home movie".

Maybe we have the advantage of being part of the over-50 crowd and can recall other cycles. We've been there and know that the path to change has more than its share of rough spots. Like all of you, we're looking forward to getting to the other side!