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The July 31, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Screen shot of Rhapsody service
Rhapsody user interface Screenshot of Rhapsody user interface. Library and playlist are on the left, and search and album information on the right.

Photos from visit with Next Level
NLC Residential Gateway NLC Residential Gateway - poster on the wall at HQ
Sandy with NLC's Geoff Burke Sandy and NLC's Geoff Burke in front of rack of equipment
Qwest VDSL VDSL diagram from Qwest's Website

Photos from visit with Advanced Broadband's Monroe, NJ location
Mike Zammit of Advanced Broadband Their techical plans and implementation are managed by Mike Zammit, formerly with Telcordia.
Headend in trailer While the community is under construction, the video and high speed data services all operate thru equipment in this on-site trailer.
Toll Bros. wall map Toll Brothers builds luxury homes in 21 states
All photos ©2002

Product photos courtesy of vendors
Asoka PlugLink HomePlug-Ethernet bridge Asoka's PlugLink HomePlug-Ethernet bridge
Cogency Piranha HomePlug chipset Cogency Piranha HomePlug chip set on a board
Cogency USB-HomePlug Wall Adapter Cogency USB-HomePlug Wall Adapter reference design