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The September 9, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Compelling Broadband Applications -- Your Inputs

As part of our intent to pay more attention to broadband applications, last month we wrote about one that we find particularly compelling. We asked readers to share their own experiences with applications they just couldn't or wouldn't do if they didn't have broadband connections. Here are a couple of the responses we got.

Bruce Miller wrote us to say: "How about just trying to keep Windows XP updated as reason enough! Have you seen the size of the patch files offered under Windows Update service? ....just trying to keep your machine current basically requires high speed access in my opinion or you won't do it."

Gamesmania screenshot --> Click for larger pictureJoe Helfrich wrote to tell us about Bell Canada's new "Gamesmania" service. "Gamesmania is delivering highend, full version PC titles to their broadband subscribers who pay $14.95(Canadian) for unlimited access to the library of games (around 100 games in total and growing)." As part of his "full disclosure" Joe did tell us that he is the VP of Sales for Exent Technologies, which supplies Bell Canada with the streaming technology used in Gamesmania, and was kind enough to give us access to the games so we could try some of them out for ourselves. We tried out a few of them but didn't have a great basis for comparison, since we're not avid gamers ourselves. We then delegated the task to our game-savvy son who was visiting from Boston and used to be a game software designer. His assessment was pretty positive, although he wanted more "A list" (very current) games included.

It's not too late if we missed covering your favorite... we're still hoping to hear more from YOU. Please share your thoughts by emailing us at and we'll share some of them with our readers in future reports.