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The September 9, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

HomePlug Adapters in our lab
Asoka Ethernet Bridge Asoka PL9610-ETH PlugLink Ethernet Bridge
Asoka USB Adapter Asoka PlugLink USB Adapter PL9710-USB
Phonex Ethernet Bridge Phonex Broadband QX-201 NeverWire 14 Ethernet Bridge
ST&T Powerline Ethernet Bridge ST&T xNetworks Powerline Ethernet Bridge M51
ST&T U21 Powerline USB Bridge ST&T xNetworks Powerline USB Bridge U21
ST&T U22 USB Wall Adaptor ST&T xNetworks iPower Point Powerline Network USB Wall Adaptor U22, based on Cogency chipset
Valence PCI Board and power cord Valence Semiconductor PCI Board Evaluation Kit VK6001-EVB1, with power cord
All photos ©2002 System Dynamics Inc.

Home Broadband Data Traffic (May, 2002)
comScore data shows that P2P dominates broadband usage This chart with data provided by comScore shows that P2P dominates broadband home user traffic and is almost symmetric.

Screen shot of Gamesmania service
Gamesmania screenshot Screenshot of Bell Canada's Gamesmania page