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October 8, 2002 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Website Changes -- Topical Guide and More

We've continued making major changes to the Broadband Home Central web site to make it even more useful as an ongoing resource for the Broadband Home Community.

  • Last month we activated a new section called "Broadband Home Labs" with details of our HomePlug testing and the source code of the program we wrote to compare network performance. We've updated it with our newest tests and will soon expand it to include wireless networking and media and communications devices and services.
  • This month we added a Topical Guide section. It provides a reference to all the topics we've covered in our reports and presentations. It is organized into sections, with a page for each topic. Check it out at ( )
  • We've also taken a step toward what will become an online forum for the Broadband Home Community. We have responded as best we can to the many requests we receive from readers for various types of information, and we think a forum will help more by amplifying our contacts and information with the wealth of knowledge our readers possess. Since we didn't finish the forum in time for this report, we've posted a placeholder page at ( ). It contains a couple of recent requests, so please check it out -- maybe you can help another reader with info on the Nordic market or a position for a well-qualified candidate. We'll let you know when the full-fledged version is online.
  • The Topical Guide, Community and Labs sections represent the new "look and feel" for our site, and we're updating old content to the new format as fast as we can. Please let us know what you think of it - especially if you spot any problems we may have missed.

Please keep letting us know about problems you find or things you'd like added.