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The October 8, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

New Wi-Fi Label The new Wi-Fi capabilities label indicates frequency band and speed

IntelligentCities 2002, Chantilly, VA
South Dakota cares about "rural broadband" From Web page with South Dakota's Senator Tim Johnson testifying to the Senate Commerce Committee on the need for access to broadband for rural America
UTOPIA Communities (Great Salt Lake on the left) The UTOPIA project currently has 17 member cities and represents a population of over 500,000. Great Salt Lake is on the left.
Rohde and Binder Greg Rohde (left) and Michael Binder (right) talk about promoting broadband in the US and Canada
Xtratyme President John Griffiths John Griffiths, President of Xtratyme, talking about their "Blueprint America" program to grow communities and be profitable
All photos ©2002 System Dynamics Inc.

Intel diagram of PC and digital media adapter This Intel diagram shows the PC in the bedroom and the digital media adapter in the living room

HomePlug Adapters in our lab
ST&T U21 Powerline USB Bridge ST&T xNetworks Powerline USB Bridge U21
ST&T U22 USB Wall Adaptor ST&T xNetworks iPower Point Powerline Network USB Wall Adaptor U22, based on Cogency chipset
All photos ©2002 System Dynamics Inc.