BBH Report Home Page
November 6, 2002 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Website Changes -- New Report Format and Site Search

We've continued upgrading the Broadband Home Central web site to make it even more useful as an ongoing resource for the Broadband Home Community.

  • We restructured the Web format of this newsletter. Rather than having the whole report in a single Web page, with another single page for the whole "printer-friendly" version, each article is now a separate page in both formats. The Table of Contents is by itself on a separate page.
  • At the top of each article, you'll find a link to the table of contents, another to the "printer-friendly" page for that article, and a link to send the article to a friend by email.
  • At the bottom of each article, you'll find links to the table of contents and the next article.
  • We also added a Google-based search for the site. There's a "Search BBH Central" box on every page.
  • The Google search complements the Topical Guide section, which provides a reference to all the topics we've covered in our reports and presentations. It is organized into sections, with a page for each topic. Click on "Topical Guide" to see the guide.

Please keep letting us know what you think of our report and site, problems you find, and things you'd like added.