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The November 6, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

Windows and HomePlug

George Geotsalitis wrote to point out an article in a recent issue of Smart Computing that said "WinXP supports two types of networks: Ethernet and phoneline. It does not support power-line networks...". He said "I've read your post mortems (to date) on your HomePlug trials and you certainly didn't mention an OS incompatibilities (what OS did you employ by the by?). While the article didn't single-out any particular power-line technology, do you have any insight as to what might have engendered the comment mentioned above?"

We used Windows XP, NT and 98SE and had no trouble with the HomePlug Ethernet devices. As we discussed in the HomePlug pages on our website, the USB software explicitly requires Win98SE or higher since earlier versions of Windows don't support USB; Win 95 and NT don't support USB and the software refuses to install on those systems. We did find installation of the USB devices to be rather complex, partly due to the complex software environment on our main test machine.

We doubt that users would have any trouble with Ethernet versions of HomePlug on any version of Windows, since all support Ethernet. And we expect most users would have no trouble using HomePlug on any version of Windows with built-in USB support -- that's all except 95, early 98 and NT.