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November 6, 2002 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Compelling Broadband Applications -- More From Our Readers

Jamey Calloway wrote: In the latest edition of The Broadband Home report you alluded to online gaming as a compelling broadband application. My son was recently chosen to become an Xbox Live beta tester. We purchased the Xbox gaming system last Christmas. The Xbox Ethernet data port has been plugged into the home network (we live in a "wire" home) ever since - just waiting to go live. About a month ago, his selection as a beta tester finally allowed the Ethernet data port to go "live". The Xbox was able to automatically configure the network settings (we have Time Warner's RoadRunner cable modem service and a Linksys Router/Switch) and in minutes my son was playing head-to-head NFL football with other gamers around the country. The system enables the gamers to talk to one another while they are playing. My 15 year old son indicated that the "live" experience elevated game playing to a whole new level -competing directly against another human is much more thrilling than just "playing the box". Is this the "killer app"? Probably not, but it's definitely a compelling reason to go broadband."

...and another one from co-editor Sandy: I was working on a client project when I got an email from BMW about their new season of BMW films. It caught my attention so I went to their Web site and realized I had missed seeing their "season 1" films. I clicked on "the hostage" and 5 minutes later emerged from my trance-like state of watching an incredible chase vignette directed by John Frankenhiemer. I had just watched a subtle commercial for BMW and loved every minute of it! When we had (non-broadband) visitors that weekend, I showed them one film and then lost my PC while they viewed the others. With PVRs increasingly zapping commercials this is a great way for companies to get a message through. On a subsequent trip to NY, I noticed BMW is giving billboard size promotion to these films. ( )