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November 24, 2002 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Broadband Home Labs - Tests In Progress

Continuing our in-home evaluations of emerging technologies, we now have three tests in progress:

  • SIP Phones: SIP is an emerging technology for IP telephony, and we think it will probably dominate in many markets (although probably not in Europe). We're testing three kinds of SIP telephones for the broadband home: a stand-alone Ethernet-based SIP phone from snom technology AG, based in Berlin; a low-cost phone service from Vonage based on Cisco SIP-to-analog technology; and Windows Messenger, part of Windows XP, which includes SIP telephony on the PC.
  • Wi-Fi: We're testing Wi-Fi access points and PC Cards in our home the same way we tested HomePlug earlier this year. We'll measure range and speed for both 802.11b and the new 802.11a versions of Wi-Fi.
  • HomePlug: We've just received several of the newest HomePlug adapters from ST&T; we'll find out whether they work as well as they look. We're also expecting adapters from LANergy -- see "Your Voice" in this issue.

We'll share what we've learned in an upcoming issue.

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