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December 17, 2002 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

A thank you to the many readers who email us to share their knowledge and help us keep up with the constant developments affecting the broadband home. Since our next report will be after the turn of the year, we want to wish all of you a happy, healthy New Year -- and a great one for broadband too! Here are a few recent email excerpts from people immersed in this industry.

We got a note from John Barr, on his way to Korea for the International Workshop on Smart Homes. He wrote that "WiMedia is moving forward. We just got the 802.15.3 draft standard into sponsor ballot". John is Director, Standards Realization at Motorola and is a valuable source in keeping us updated on the status of various industry standards. He serves as President, Open Services Gateway Initiative; Vice President, WiMedia Alliance; and Chairman, IEEE 802.15.3 TG.

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We also got a note from Jean-Charles Point, who has spoken in several conference panels we've organized. He said "I was recently asked by the European commission to prepare a summary on the ongoing R&D project in the networked audio-visual content domain (turning around DVB, MHP, MPEG4, MPEG21 domains, and also about new audio-visual concepts like 3D reconstructions or new user interfaces). I rapidly constructed a site to place the draft document in it; you just have to follow -> report on IST programs on audio - visual content -> report on European R&D projects, and here you go. The report will be published shortly on the offical EEC web site, but in the mean time I am interested that people go to my site to have a look at it. So if you can mention it in your newsletter, I am very interested!"

We're glad to mention it but must confess we have not had time to go thru it yet: too much time on the road and writing newsletters, we fear.

Jack Fijolek of CommWorks wrote to say "I read in your latest report about testing you are starting of SIP phones and providers (like Vonage), who are selling voice services over cable broadband today. I have been testing SIP devices over cable plant for over 2 years and have a wealth of information about what works and what doesn't. I spoke at SIP 2002 in Paris this year and got the distinct impression that mainstream SIP will be the path for VoIP in Europe also."

Since we and Jack were going to the Western Show, we had the opportunity to meet him and start learning from what he has already done. It's always great to hear from people with expertise in areas we are investigating. Thanks Jack!

Tanner Morley from Victoria BC wrote "The first round of the Candian Rural Broadband Initiative is just getting under way. This unique opportunity being backed by the Canadian Government is a part of their broader plan to make broadband available to every Canadian by 2005. Our company, ISP Internet Server Professionals Ltd, has put together an offering targeted at people wanting to take advantage of the second round of the Rural Broadband Initiative. Our new Neighbourhood ISP Platform makes it possible for small ISPs in rural communities to thrive even in the midst of all the giant national ISPs. " ( )