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The December 17, 2002 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Broadband Plus: Video Telephony and Videoconferencing

CableNET®  exhibit --> Click for larger pictureWhile cable operators were focused on the "nuts and bolts" of rolling out VoIP, some vendors went against the tide to show video telephony and videoconferencing. We visited some of these vendors in the CableNET area, and noticed them attracting some broadband service providers.

RADVISION has developed technologies for video telephony and videoconferencing. It has been deployed by FastWeb in Milan, Italy, to complement their broadband Internet, VoIP, cable TV and VOD services. The service went live on October 15, 2002 and they are providing video telephony in many key Italian cities, with plans to expand next year.

ECET's video demonstration --> Click for larger pictureECET demonstrated Integration Port, their communications and collaboration software system which supports video, voice, instant messaging, whiteboard and document authoring. Services are presented to the user through a single application run from the user's desktop computer. ECET's systems have previously been targeted to the business environment, but the company is adapting it to address consumer needs.

InnoMedia displayed their new IP VideoPhone. Their MTA 3368 supports all IP based communications protocols including SIP, MGCP and H.323. It can deliver real-time high quality video images supporting bandwidth as high as 768 kbps. The unit has a 4" TFT Color LCD and uses an embedded Linux platform.

Equator Technologies, which produces system-on-a-chip processors, announced a "Home Video Conferencing Reference Design Kit" featuring their processor and platform with software from videoconferencing provider VCON.

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