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The January 21, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

Range of IEEE 802.15.3 Wireless PANs

Bill Rose's article last month said in part "IEEE 802.15.3 ... is only designed for a range of up to 10 meters".

John Barr - Chairman of 802.15.3 - wrote "Please note that IEEE 802.15.3 is designed for a range of AT LEAST 10 meters, not up to 10 meters. The only limitation is the Part 15 rules which limit the amount of power in a transmitter. We expect good coverage of 802.15.3 up to 50 meters. Not good enough for whole home coverage, but the industry does not expect any wireless solutions with the required data rates to cover the whole home. Small homes yes. Large homes no."

Bill replied that the "chairman of 802.15 has told me that it is 'at least 10 meters'... The IEEE website ... states 'up to 10 meters'." [excerpted]