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The January 21, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Pictures from CES 2003
Pioneer Network Entertainment Peter Arnold of Pioneer and Brooke Hovey show how Pioneer Network Entertainment, powered by their DigitaLibrary Series works throughout a home.
Smart Displays At National Semiconductor's exhibit we saw many Smart Displays incorporating their chips but having differing form factors.
Joe Montalbo holding SPOT watch Joe Montalbo, VP, Custom Solutions Division, National Semiconductor, displayed a chart showing the seven National chips in the SPOT prototype watch Bill Gates was wearing.
Xbox networked over powerline Cogency demonstrated using Microsoft's XBox Live service with HomePlug powerline networking. This provides an easy way to connect a game machine in a teen's bedroom to a broadband modem elsewhere in the house.
Next Gen home The Next Gen home was built for CES and the Builders show. It demonstrated built-in connectivity for broadband communications and entertainment. Both visitors and broadcast camera crews were exploring it.
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

WCA Conference in San Jose, January 2003
Navini Networks modems Navini Networks displays their modems in the WCA exhibit hall.
WCA exhibit hall The exhibit hall at WCA was crowded with all the attendees
Alvarion NLOS tests Picture of the set up for non-line of sight testing by Alvarion in New Zealand
Speakers in next-generation NLOS panel Next generation Non-Line of Sight Forum Panel - participants from Intel, Alvarion, Navini and IP Wireless
Customized CMTS for ARCi wireless broadband James Wong shows how the Advanced Radio Cells wireless broadband system is built directly on DOCSIS, using a customized Motorola BSR 1000.
ARCi's DOCSIS modem Advanced Radio Cells demonstrated the use of a firmware modified DOCSIS modem to stream video over wireless broadband
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

HomePlug Applications and Testing
AudioTron with ST&T M51 in our audio cabinet The AudioTron in our audio cabinet connects into our network with an ST&T HomePlug M51 Ethernet bridge
Phonex NeverWire 14 Ethernet bridge connected to our Ethernet switch Phonex NeverWire 14 HomePlug Ethernet bridge connected to our Ethernet switch
ST&T M53 Ethernet bridge ST&T iPower Point powerline network Ethernet bridge M53
Two "PlugIns" for the home - ST&T U23 (below) and Glade room freshener (above) US grocery stores sell large numbers of scented oil dispensers (top) which plug into an outlet and make rooms smell good. The new ST&T U23 USB powerline home networking modules (in lower outlet) are even smaller and less obtrusive and permit plug and play home networking. It sure beats wires!
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.