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The February 23, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Broadband Anywhere
Sandy in our garden with notebook PC and Wi-Fi Sandy in our garden using a notebook PC and Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi being installed at Red Carpet Club While returning from a Wireless Broadband conference, we were amused to see two contractors for T-Mobile positioning and testing locations for installing new Wi-Fi access points, so that the club would be equipped for broadband.
Access point at United Red Carpet Club Closeup of access point being installed at United Red Carpet Club at SFO
Seattle Wireless logo Logo for Seattle Wireless, a wireless broadband community network
Nitin Shah of Arraycomm explaining iBurst Nitin Shah, Arraycomm's Chief Strategy Officer, showing positioning of iBurst for "broadband anywhere"
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Downloading Music and Burning CDs
Screenshot of Rhapsody "My Stations" Screenshot of Rhapsody "My Stations" in "Create a Custom Station" feature
Screenshot of album in Rhapsody Screenshot of "The Guv'nor Vol 3" in Rhapsody service
Screenshot of AudioStation ripping a CD Screenshot of AudioStation ripping the "The Guv'nor" CD
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Vonage DigitalVoice Service
Cisco ATA186 phone adapter Vonage supplies a Cisco ATA186 as the media terminal adapter (MTA) for their service
4-line phone, using Vonage We've connected the Vonage service so it appears on line 4 of the 4-line phones we already have installed
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.