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The March 17, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Clearwire in Jacksonville, Florida
Using Clearwire at Starbucks Darren Nichols demonstrates the performance of Clearwire's service at a Jacksonville Starbucks
Clearwire starter kit Clearwire's starter kit contains the IP Wireless modem, a Quick Start Guide, installation software and an instruction manual.
Clearwire modem on car's rear window While Darren drove, we sat in the back seat and read the morning's New York Times on the Web through Clearwire's IP Wireless modem on the car window. Note that it was raining and there were trees along the route.
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

FastWeb promotion in Genoa May 2001. FastWeb promotion during rollout in Genoa, Italy in May 2001. We saw this on the piazza near our hotel when we stayed in Genoa just before visiting FastWeb in Milan.
FastWeb "triple play" promotion It's easy to translate from Italian: "Telfono, Internet, TV on demand" means "triple play"!
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Celite Systems
Celite architecture This diagram of Celite's architecture shows their "DSL Headend" mounted on the neighborhood cross-connect cabinet.

Fiber Optics in Existing Piping
Fiber in Vienna's sewers CableRunner's map showing the routes of in-sewer fiber optic cable installations in metropolitan Vienna, Austria more

SIP Telephony
snom 100 on Dave's desk snom 100 VoIP telephone on Dave's desk
Eutectics IPP200 USB handset Eutectics IPP200 USB handset mounted on flatpanel display (vendor photo)
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.