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May 14, 2003 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

Homeland Security Entrepreneurs Wanted

Kelly Porter, Managing Partner of ZAP Ventures, shared with us an article from the April 3, 2003 San Jose Mercury News, focusing on his current search for Homeland Security Entrepreneurs and Investors. ZAPVC was formed as an early stage venture fund with broadband related companies as their core focus. Kelly notes that "Some of the best broadband deals we were seeing in recent months had a homeland security focus."

He indicated that ZAPVC has expanded to include investments “in the growing $100B+ homeland security industry, as a natural evolution of the firm’s charter to invest in broadband-related companies." He added: “In homeland security specifically, we look first at the commercial/private sector potential of a product or technology, and second, at the government market potential. Also, we are generally not talking to either pure biotech companies developing drugs/medical devices (because it is not our expertise), nor companies that are developing weaponry (because of the moral issues involved).”

If you are an entrepreneur who is building a homeland security-related company and who might be seeking investors, check out Kelly’s website for his investment criteria and contact him if there’s a fit.

Powerline as a Third Wire

Oleg Logvinov pointed out that at the CITI PLC III conference, there was a another model presented in addition to the rather pessimistic one we mentioned in our article ( He wrote: "I think it would be fair to mention that Dave Shpigler presented a much more positive model." We agree and readers can see that presentation at .