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The May 14, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Energy Management - "Broadband Without Internet"
Communicating devices Diagram showing communicating devices in the home
Invensys RF Load Control Meter Invensys RF Load Control Meter, Model EMSL-200
Invensys communicating electrical meter Invensys communicating electrical meter used in Comcast trial
System graphic of Energy Management System System graphic of Energy Management System
Photos and graphics courtesy Comcast

"Broadband Wireless World - The "Big Boys" Have Arrived"
Brian Whitton of Verizon Brian Whitton presented Verizon's views on fixed wireless broadband
Sriram's positioning of segments Sriram Viswanathan of Intel divides broadband wireless access into three segments as shown on this chart (chart courtesy of Intel)
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Broadcom 54g Devices
54g wireless access point and broadband router Buffalo and Linksys are two of the companies that have built 802.11g products based on Broadcom's 54g chips
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Windows Smart Display
V110 Smart Display in our kitchen The world's most expensive radio: listening to Bob Dylan from the ViewSonic 110 Smart Display in our kitchen
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Heuchera "Snow Angel" Heuchera "Snow Angel" in our garden after using the Web to find out how to plant it
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Vonage Web ad: "$39.99 - Use your broadband internet connection for great savings every month" Vonage embodies the impact residential broadband and VoIP have had on telephony