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The August 21, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

Broadband Applications

Tai wrote from Malaysia to say: "... where I am, the usage/ availability of broadband services are limited (typically 384k/ 128k down/up) and can be costly. As a means to justify my own investment, I wanted to examine the many usages of BB and fast data transmission. On a practical basis, I as a home user envision using it to stream video, maybe hold a lil conferencing with my relatives overseas and entertainment download. Basically my question is; how would you envision broadband being applicable in daily lives; on a home basis and a business point of view?"

We told him about our topical site index and the Applications and Appliances page that points to many of the articles on applications that we see as being important. We also said the content "is probably heavy on the lifestyle applications that focus on entertainment and spends less time on how to use broadband within the context of a home business--although it is essential to what we and many other people do from home."

If you haven't looked at our site index recently, you might find it helpful in locating articles on specific topics such as wireless networking, fiber access or telephony over broadband. Check it out!

Municipal Wireless

Esme Vos wrote from Amsterdam to say she "had just launched a site called, which is a portal for municipal wireless projects (Wi-Fi and wireless broadband)."

" is an initiative that I started because I found it so difficult to figure out which city/town is doing what when it comes to wireless projects. My coverage is worldwide and I have so far received emails from France, Sweden, the UK, the US, Spain, the EU's Directorate General, to name a few. If there are any municipal wireless projects that you consider worth mentioning on my site, please let me know about them and if you have the contact details for the persons involved, I would truly appreciate them."

We think that's a great idea, so if you have sites and information to add to Esme's site, you can email her at .

Danny's "Screen on the Green"

Danny Briere, CEO of Telechoice and co-author of several "Dummies" books, wrote to fill us in on his "summer home networking project". He set up a "drive-in movie theater" in his backyard on Cape Cod. You can see the details here.