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The August 21, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Euskaltel Photos
Celeria architecture Architecture of Celeria project showing subscriber system (lower left) and headend system (right)
IKUSI subscriber and base station antennas Subscriber and base station antennas made by IKUSI and used by Euskaltel in Celeria project

Broadband Anywhere
Sandy using a V110 on our deck Sandy is using a ViewSonic V110 while eating lunch on our deck
Using Clearwire at Starbucks Darren Nichols demonstrates the performance of Clearwire's service at a Jacksonville Starbucks
Afitel base-station antenna in Zamora Base-station antenna for Afitel's Wi-Fi deployment in Zamora, Spain.
3GPP manages the evolution of GSM The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) brings together the telecommunications standards bodies responsible for the evolution of GSM.
IPWireless PCMCIA card The IPWireless PCMCIA card is based on the UMTS TD-CDMA standard
The WiMAX Forum promotes 802.16 The WiMAX Forum promotes the 802.16 WMAN standards
IEEE 802.16 develops WMAN standards IEEE 802.16 develops standards for wireless metropolitan area networks
ETSI is working with IEEE 802.16 ETSI is working with IEEE 802.16 to develop global WMAN standards
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