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The September 23, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

Access to Broadband

Charlie Sands wrote: "I am very impressed by what you are doing and the info you provide on your website. I hope that someday we will be able to meet as I am very interested in promoting broadband on a global basis. I am a co-founder of the Access to Broadband Campaigns in the UK and Thailand. Our UK website is at and we launched our campaign with The Rural and Regional Broadband Conference held in London on July 9th."

He added that they now have "base level funding for our campaign and we are now getting formally organized in terms of establishing a professional campaign".

Changes for Selling Voice In France

Fabien Maisl of Cirpack, who set up our introduction to Michael Boukobza of Free Telecom (see above) wrote: "I thought you would be interested to see that LDCOM is reacting at Free Telecom's success with their VoIP/DSL service. Note LDCOM is the largest alternative operator in France (second largest telco after the incumbent) and Free Telecom is the largest alternative ISP (second after the incumbent).

They are both launching VoIP over DSL services for the residential market with very aggressive pricing schemes. This is completely changing the way voice is sold (pay for DSL, get voice for free whereas we have been used to pay for your phone line and get free internet access).

I expect a lively fourth quarter in the French voice market as other operators figure out how to compete."

Here's Fabian's summary of the details on LDCOM's offering, as excerpted and translated from ZDNet France:

  • VoIP service will be available on their unbundled DSL lines as of October 1st.
  • calls will be free between 9Telecom subscribers and 1euro cent per minute for PSTN calls, either local or national.
  • this service is packaged with a 1024kbps ADSL line at 27 euros per month (Free is 30 euros)
  • Voice enabled modems will be sold at 30 euros (Free lends it for free).
  • TV over DSL service should be available "early 2004". Experimentations are already in progress with TF1, the largest French TV channel.

Fabian also mentions that the voice services from both LDCOM and Free Telecom are managed by Cirpack switches.