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The September 23, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Broadband World Forum
TI's display at BWF TI displayed their new single chip ADSL2+ router at BWF
Free Telecom's COO Michael Boukobza We had the opportunity to talk with Free Telecom's COO, Michael Boukobza
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Broadband Britain
Using a PC on the Underground PCs have proliferated so that they are seen all over--even on the Underground. The next step is to have connectivity from there.
Dave at a Wi-Fi hotspot--sip but no surf Dave's frustration at a Sip and Surf Wi-Fi location where he found our Wi-Fi card had gone bad
Ed Allfrey demonstrating Telewest's new ITV interface Ed Allfrey demonstrated Telewest's new user interface for digital TV which is currently being rolled out
Paul Blacker, BT Paul Blacker speaking about BT's Immedea Platform
Marker at BT HQ in London Marker commemorating Marconi's first public wireless transmission from site of BT HQ building
BT Broadband Booth BT has introduced public broadband access kiosks as part of their broadband thrust
Photos ©2003 System Dynamics Inc.

Telefónica’s Home-based Health Services
Main screen of the service Main screen of the service
Remote device control interface Interface for remotely controlling the home devices