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The November 16, 2003 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

PVRs at the "Tipping Point"
TiVo in our bedroom Judging by all the things we're reading, PVRs are finally catching on

Powerline Communications in Spain
Iberdrola PLC network Diagram of Iberdrola PLC network showing medium-voltage backbone and low-voltage access networks
PLC network with DS2 technology Diagram of PLC network with DS2 technology showing low-voltage access network, gateway to homes, and PLC modems in homes

Wiring Panel in Our House
The wiring in our house was advanced for 1996 The wiring we installed in our house in 1996 has been superseded by ready-made residential wiring cabinets

Connected by Design Showhouse
Master bedroom The master bedroom in the "Connected by Design" showhouse will have all the elements of Susanka's style and seamlessly incorporate the broadband and connectivity to provide entertainment, music, lighting control and more.
Long view thru house Sarah Susanka designed the house so that there are long views with rooms that can also provide more privacy
Entry hall and staircase Design elements like the bookshelves along the stairs are hallmarks of Susanka's design which makes the most of every space
Guest bedroom and office The guest bedroom on the second floor doubles as an in-home office. Broadband is an integral part of the design.
Cox Las Vegas is providing broadband access and services Cox Las Vegas will be providing high speed data, video-on-demand, HDTV and IP telephony for the showhouse

Wi-Fi and Broadband
Current ad for MyZones Current ad for MyZones (from web site)

Emerging Home Networking Technologies
Applications for an efficient MAC Appairent is focuing its energies on a highly-efficient MAC for 802.15.3 and .3a for applications needing more thruput
Entropic is addressing the backbone for whole home networking Entropic is planning a family of products for "whole home" networking with a data rate of more than 100 Mbps
Chips for multimedia distribution over coax Entropic is creating the link-layer technololgy for networking over coax. Theirr customers will put in the higher layers, to make a total solution.
Graphics courtesy company web sites