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The January 22, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

CES 2004
South Hall at CES 2004 South Hall at CES 2004: The floor was buzzing and HD screens were everywhere
SPOT watch from Fossil Microsoft is trying to embed its software and services in a wider variety of consumer electronics--here is the Fossil watch with MSN direct service, showing a stock market update
Paul Otellini talked about Intel's new Consumer Electronics Group Paul Otellini, President of Intel, talked about Intel's new Consumer Electronics Group and showed new portable video players
Shell Home Genie Home Management System Shell HomeGenie is a home management system targeted to the entry level buyer
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.

Digital Media Adapters
Hauppauge DMA Hauppauge's DMA competes for the price-sensitive part of the market
Sean Stanton demonstrated the new version of Prismiq The Prismiq has changed a lot since the version we tested in our home. Sean Stanton, Director North American Sales, walked us through some of its new look and functions.
Roku DMA showing classic art We used the Roku HD1000 Digital Media Player, showing works from its art packs, instead of a painting in the living room at the showhouse
Jeremy Toeman demonstrates the Denon NS-S100 server and client functions powered by Mediabolic Jeremy Toeman of Mediabolic demonstrated Denon's NS-S100 Network Multimedia Server, and also the NS-C200 Network Multimedia Client, which accesses content and functionality available from the server over a digital home network. Mediabolic software powers the Denon capabilities.
5 different Windows Media Center Extenders Media center extenders are one of the many new forms of devices marrying PCs and TVs
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.

Home by Design Showhouse
Home by Design, 3 days before CES Home by Design, 3 days before CES
Home by Design sign across from the Las Vegas Convention Center A shuttle bus took visitors from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Home by Design Showhouse built in the parking lot of the Stardust Hotel
Much of the "broadband plumbing" was located in the mudroom Much of the "broadband plumbing" was located in the mudroom, where we had set up a mini-work center to be out of the way of visitors
Visitors could make free phone calls or check their email at the Internet café Cox provided free IP telephony calls, Panasonic provided cordless phones and Gateway provided a Media Center PC for visitors to use when they visted the house
Leviton Structured Media Center, the central distribution panel The "nerve center" of the house was the Leviton Structured Media Center which brings all of the broadband connections to and throughout the home to a central distribution panel.
Visitors try out Asoka's PlugLink IP Camera Visitors Georgina and Norm from having fun posing with the Asoka PlugLink IP camera
Football on a 50" screen feels like you are there The big flat-screen TVs were tuned to the big sports events whenever they were taking place
Gateway Media Center PC in the away room The Gateway Media Center PC in the Away Room was used for Web surfing, playing sponsor videos and enjoying pictures and music stored on the machine and moved across the network.
Looking from my PC in NJ at the 4 cameras showing visitors touring during IBS Remote access to cameras at the house allowed us to see the house was a popular destination during the International Builder's Show
A press visitor in the bedroom, with Dell Media Center PC interface This press visitor from France was interested in the set-up of the Dell Media Center PC in the bedroom and in discussing the role of PCs in the home
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.