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The February 17, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Video Telephony: 40 Years
AT&T Picturephone at 1964 World's Fair AT&T demonstrated the Picturephone at the 1964 World's Fair. "It transmitted voice and image between two nearby booths. People lined up to make PicturePhone calls to a corresponding exhibit at Disneyland." (Source: )
AT&T Videophone 2500 from 1992 The Videophone 2500 was full color and transmitted over ordinary POTS lines. The units initially cost $1500.
i2eye usage example from D-Link's Web site One of the applications that D-Link promotes is for distant grandparents. Its caption says "Distant Grandparents See Grandchild's First Steps with i2eye VideoPhone".
VTech's Call & Learn (TM) Videophone VTech's Call & Learn (TM) Videophone has been successfully tested with 2 year olds! (Source: )

Wi-Fi Devices In Our "Lab"
Wi-Fi certification logo Wi-Fi certification logo shows the IBM a/b/g Wireless Cardbus Adaptor has passed all curent certification tests
Five access points on our couch Our Round Two Wi-Fi tests included five access points. Left to right: SMC2870W (11g/b), Linksys WAP51AB (11a/b), (Ethernet switch), Linksys WAP11 (11b), Linksys WAP54G (11g/b), SMC 2804WBR router (11g/b)
We tested six notebook adapters We tested six notebook adapters in Round Two of our Wi-Fi tests. Left to right and top to bottom: Linksys WPC51AB, WPC54G, WPC11; SMC2336W-AG, SMC2835W; IBM a/b/g
SMC2336W-AG with SMC2804WBR router, with firmware 1.02 -- before router firmware upgrade SMC2336W-AG notebook adapter with SMC2804WBR router running firmware 1.02 -- as shipped from the factory, before router firmware upgrade
SMC2336W-AG with SMC2804WFR router, after router firmware upgrade SMC2336W-AG with SMC2804WFR router, after router upgrade to latest firmware 1.11a
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.

Converting CDs With Get Digital
Get Digital packing container The shipping materials have been removed from the carton to show how the spindle cases fit inside. Each spindle holds approximately 100-105 CDs.
CDs stacked on spindles from Get Digital We took our CDs out of their cases and stacked them on the spindles provided in order to ship them to Get Digital for ripping.
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.

Home PNA
HPNA logo HomePNA has a certification program to ensure that certified products will interoperate.