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The September 15, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Upcoming Conferences -- Broadband World Forum and OSGi World Congress

Our travel schedule had originally called for time at both Broadband World Forum in Venice (September 20-23) and the OSGi Alliance World Congress in Barcelona (October 11-15). Some unplanned circumstances have forced us to cancel--but we hope that readers who attend or speak at these events will share their reactions.

Broadband World Forum

At Broadband World Forum, one of the talks we were particularly interested in will be by Alison Ritchie, Chief Broadband Officer of BT Group. The September 11-17 issue of The Economist included an article on broadband in Britain called "Another surprising success" which notes how over the last two years Britain has changed from being a "high speed laggard" to one where BT takes more than 40,000 orders per week and broadband is widely available. We'd love to hear Allison's view on how the turnaround was accomplished.

OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress

Meanwhile, the OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress is focused this year on "Convergence: Going Mobile, Driving, and Staying Home with OSGi Solutions." Last time we were in Barcelona we missed a visit to eNeo Labs, where they have a real family living in a connected home. The sponsors tell us that many of the innovations developed and trialed at eNeo Labs will be unveiled during the OSGi World Congress; eNeo Labs is sponsoring a tour of the home in connection with this event.

TelcoTV Conference & Expo

And for those who plan further ahead, don’t forget TelcoTV, November 16-18 in Orlando, Florida. TelcoTV Conference & Expo is the annual event where Independent Operating Companies, Telcos, LECs and CLECs gather information about offering "Triple Play" services over broadband networks.

Telcos are approaching the video services market with a new seriousness and new ingredients at their disposal. MPEG 4, new types of set tops and movie-download services are just a few of the assets they can use this time around.

We’re planning to attend to find out whether this might finally be the time telco TV happens (in more than isolated spots) for real.

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