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The September 15, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

"Broadband Cities"
Wi-Fi in Zamora Over coffee, Dave, Josť Manuel and Josť Pedro find out how many access points Air Magnet found
Benjamin Franklin Parkway, with City Hall in the distance Benjamin Franklin Parkway, with City Hall in the distance, from the steps of the Museum of Art. (Copyright 1996-8 Alexandre H. Hohmann)
Tropos mesh network diagram In this Tropos mesh network, each Wi-Fi cell uses Wi-Fi to communicate with standard 802.11 clients and pass data wirelessly back to a Wi-Fi cell gateway, attached to the wired network. Cells forward traffic on the best path to the wired gateway. (courtesy Tropos Networks)
WiMAX Forum logo The WiMAX Forum introduced its new logo at WCA
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc. except as noted

DSL Forum
Michael Brusca, Verizon Michael Brusca, Vice-President, Strategy, DSL Forum Board of Directors; and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff:DSL and Broadband, Verizon Communications
DSL Forum many-to-many Architecture DSL Forum many-to-many Architecture - from TR-058