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October 31, 2004 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Your Voice -- Readers' Comments

Fiber in Massachusetts

An observant reader from Belmont, MA wrote to say: "There have been an unusually large number of Verizon trucks in my town (Belmont, MA) lately, and two friends report that Verizon techs they have talked to say they are setting up for FTTH." We were intrigued and asked for more details. The writer pointed out that "Keller, TX, where Verizon has announced their rollout, and Belmont, MA are similarly sized, and have similar median household incomes" Upon closer inspection he noted: "Our neighborhood is now wired with Sumitomo Pureband 48 fiber optical cable. At each pole, the fiber runs through a Corning Optitect LCA Local Convergence Point."

His neighbors are probably still trying to figure out what he was looking at on the poles using his binoculars!

Fixing Broken Links

Observant readers have written to complain about "broken links" on our site--links that point to pages that no longer exist. Companies go out of business or are sold, their websites disappear, and the links don't work anymore.

We've started a new procedure to edit our newsletter archive to redirect or remove links that no longer work. We've done this for the past year's reports and will do it later for the older ones.

If you come across any broken links we've missed, please let us know.