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The October 31, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Briefly Noted
Sports are a key application for HDTV Sports are a key application for HDTV (courtesy Panasonic Website)

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)
Scott Smyers, DLNA Chairman Scott Smyers is the Chairman of the DLNA Board of Directors and a Vice President at Sony Electronics. (courtesy DLNA)
DLNA 1.0 Guidelines DLNA 1.0 Guidelines (courtesy DLNA)

The Power of Powerline
Corinex Wireless to Powerline adapter Corinex Wireless to Powerline Access Point 802.11b HomePlug
Corinex VoIP Phones Corinex VoIP Phones
Photos courtesy Corinex

802.11a Comes Home
A Linksys Media Center Extender offers 802.11a for video Linksys WMCE54AG Media Center Extender offers both 802.11a and 11g for wireless connectivity of both entertainment and data (courtesy Linksys website)

Monika Gupta of Broadcom showing protoype IP phones Monika Gupta of Broadcom at Digital Focus in NY holding 2 prototype IP phones using Broadcom chips.
Prototype VoIP phone from Broadcom Prototype VoIP phone from Broadcom
Blackberry with VoIP Blackberry 7270 handheld with VoIP and WLAN support
Samsung Pocket PC with Phone Addition This Samsung Pocket PC can be your phone, your camera and your PDA. Grandpa wouldn't know this is a phone.
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc. unless otherwise credited