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The December 20, 2004 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
Pictures From This Issue

Portable Broadband in Three Cities
Nextel desktop broadband modem kit Packaging of the desktop version of the Nextel broadband modem and installation kit
Antenna of Nextel PC card Antenna of Nextel Wireless Broadband PC card visible from our laptop
Nate Stewart of Clearwire demonstrating their service Nate Stewart of Clearwire demonstrated their service and then let us try it out
Clearwire's HomePlug modem Clerarwire provides a HomePug modem for customers who want to use their service at a location in the house other than the one at which they place the modem
Clearwire modem We set up the Clearwire modem on our daughter's dining room table in Jacksonville
Cyber Spot sign in St. Cloud St. Cloud Cyber Spot sign in front of City Hall
Tropos unit mounted on top of light post Tropos unit mounted on top of light post in St. Cloud - note "Cyber Spot" sign on post
Photos ©2004 System Dynamics Inc.

FastWeb and BitBand: Marketing Lessons from Europe
BitBand servers at FastWeb BitBand Vision video servers at FastWeb (photo by David Milloh, BitBand)
FastWeb cities in Italy FastWeb is deployed in the major cities in Italy
Graphics courtesy FastWeb and BitBand