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March 10, 2005 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Your Voice -- Readers Comments

What Interests You

We always want to hear what topics are of the most interest. This month Bob Wells, Principal at the Lennox Group wrote: "Great issue, you two! I'm particularly int'd in WiMax and its variants, and your reporting on it was very useful."

Christine Watson emailed to say: "I read with interest your recent article on the “Vidi-go” trend. I did hope to clarify one point – the article would lead people to believe that DIRECTV’s TOTAL CHOICE MOBILE package will be available at some time in the future. In fact, we at KVH have been working with DIRECTV and providing mobile satellite TV to automobiles since September 2003".

We also heard from a reader requesting "more coverage of European companies please!"

Municipal Wireless

Jonathan Baltuch sent us a copy of an article he wrote, titled "Municipal High Speed Wireless Means Business". It reflects his remarks about Municipal Wireless during a panel at the International Economic Development Conference, an invitation-only gathering of top management from cities and communities all over the US. In it he describes how representatives from dozens of communities were unanimous in saying that "their community was either planning for or looking to develop ubiquitous wireless systems."

Home Networking

Rob Adler wrote to say: "Yours is an important one-stop publication if you want to keep up with home networking. For example, one market that we are following is UWB. I think that the eventual home network will have both a wire line backbone, and wireless for shorter distances." He also commented: "I recently switched to the web version (of the Broadband Home Report). The downside of reading on the web is that you can easily miss a page."

Thanks to these readers and all of you who have taken the time over the past years to let us know how you reacted to our stories, what you'd like to see covered and anything else you think might be of interest.