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The April 3, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers Comments

One of our Canadian readers reacted to last month's reference in the AT&T article to convergence. He commented that: "Things are heating up North of the Border too. Good to get your newsletter and keep in touch with what's happening. When you have a moment you should peek under the covers of the Cable & ILEC battles forming in Canada for the triple play."

One of our readers wrote to point out another city considering municipal Wi-Fi: "You may note that just this week, Chicago announced it is looking at a citywide WiFi deployment."

Another reader provided a different perspective on "large high tech projects such as fiber to the home". His view comes from an old-timer in the broadband networks field, having started with Jerrold Electronics and starting his own construction firm forty years ago. His concern is that craftspeople are not paid much more than what they received ten years ago. The result, he asserts, is that: "Most of the veteran craftspeople are getting out of this business, just when we need them the most."