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May 23, 2005 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Your Voice -- Readers Comments

RSS Feeds

Thanks to those of you who wrote us about our new RSS feeds. The feedback was very positive. Here are a couple of comments. One said: "I am just changing to RSS feeds. THANK YOU! Unclutter my mailbox, but still get the good stuff.. What could be better?" Another had as a subject line "love the rss feed." He continued "I now have BBHR on MyYahoo! through RSS. Life is good. I loved the looking back article."

Municipal Broadband

Bill Rose wrote: "After reading your article on Fiber to the Home (excellent article), I thought you might find this interesting. It's a position paper by the High Tech Broadband Coalition ( ) on states legislating against municipalities developing their own BB solutions ; the HTBC files an amicus brief in this. Also check out some interesting articles on the site ( ) written by a lawyer working in this area."